Pierce Brothers

Pierce Brothers

+ Nathan May

Thursday 22 February 2024
Thursday 22 February 2024
doors open:
20:00 uur
start show:
20:30 uur

Things can go fast in the music business: one day you’re busking on the streets of Melbourne, the next you are on a stage at Pinkpop.

It happened to twin brothers Jack and Pat Pierce, although they did put in a lot of hard work of course. They may look like hippies with their dreadlocks and acoustic guitar and everything, their shows are well known for their high energy levels. Musically speaking, they are close to Mumford & Sons, but as former street musicians they know all kinds of tricks – they covered Mark Ronson’s ‘Uptown Funk’ for 3FM for example, using a didgeridoo! They release new music quite frequently, too. In 2022, their single ‘When It All Goes Away’ came out. In 2023, “High & Unsteady” will be released, which they recorded with super star Tash Sultana.


pop, rock, folk


Pierce Brothers

Thursday 22 February 2024