Those Damn Crows


Those Damn Crows

+ The Cruel Knives

Saturday 30 September 2023
Saturday 30 September 2023
doors open:
19:00 uur
start show:
19:30 uur

Those Damn Crows from Wales are ready to conquer Europe with their alternative, metal-inspired rock. With the new hit album “Inhale/Exhale” they are more than prepared for it. The Band has received a number of nominations as well so far and have built a rock-solid live reputation in the UK.

Those Damn Crows operate in the same genre that includes bands like Alter Bridge, Shinedown and Black Stone Cherry: heavy rock with strong hooks and excellent vocals. “Inhale/Exhale” from 2023 is full of strong songs that would easily work on stages as large as a stadium, too. It all sounds crystal clear and immaculately produced, and works really well live on stage. This is rock with a capital R. Fans of the aforementioned bands should pay attention.

Rocknews.co.uk – ‘Those Damn Crows have done it again. “Inhale Exhale” is a heart-stirring rock symphony that will leave you breathless and wanting more. This is a band that has poured their heart and soul into every note and lyric, creating an album that is not just a collection of songs, but a work of art. So turn up the volume, close your eyes, and let the music take you away. This is a journey you won’t forget.’

The Cruel Knives, also hailing from the UK, are just as melodious as Those Damn Crows, albeit a bit heavier. Check the brand new, catchy song ‘All Your Heroes Hate You’ and you know what we mean. It’s the perfect warm up act for tonight.


rock, alternative rock, metal


Those Damn Crows + Cruel Knives

Saturday 30 September 2023