Sonic Whip


+ Bismut + Helicon + Acid Rooster

Saturday 21 October 2023
Saturday 21 October 2023
doors open:
19:00 uur
start show:
19:30 uur

A special Sonic Whip club night tonight with Dopelord, Helicon, Bismut and Acid Rooster. It’s a line-up that oozes with psychedelia.

It’s also a night for brand new releases. Not only do Dopelord, Helicon and Acid Rooster have new material to present, but for Nijmegen space rock heroes Bismut it’s also the official release show of their brand-new album. A great night for fans!

Slow, heavy and massive: three words that can be used to describe Polish band Dopelord. The dark doom riffs are drenched in psychedelic elements, all of which are extremely effective and expertly delivered. Influences from Black Sabbath are never far away, but if a band manages to do the masters justice, then that’s more like a compliment.

Acid Rooster from Leipzig takes a different approach from what their peers would do. Their latest album “Ad Astra” was recorded outside with a so-called field recorder. The result is an album with room to breathe and with an organic sound, exactly what the band intended. The instrumental spacy krautrock of the band is very expertly put together as well, consisting of long, extended jams which has one psychedelic riff follow the next. Excellent material, especially live on stage.

Nijmegen trio Bismut has had a terrific year. They’ve had an excellent run of shows that include Dunajam, Down the Hill, Zeeltje, Krach Am Bach and Tabernas Desert Fest. They’ve also managed to mesmerize numerous venues with their organically layered, progressive heavy psychedelic compositions. This show is fully focused on the new album that’s coming out this Fall through Lay Bare Recordings. What that’s going to be like is something we’ll hear on 21 October!

Helicon from Scotland releases their records via Fuzz Club Records, so fans of the genre already know what to expect. The latest record “God Intentions” oozes with psychedelia, offering a dizzying cosmic trip of extended songs that regularly feature a sitar in the leading role.


rock, kraut rock, stoner rock, psychedelic rock

Dopelord + Bismut + Helicon + Acid Rooster

Saturday 21 October 2023